Nestlé Business Services Lisbon is one of the eight, in total, Nestlé Global Business Service centers.

Altogether, we have 3500 employees working for the centers who are spread across the globe.

More than 370 employees, from more than 30 nationalities work for us in Nestlé Business Services Lisbon (established in 2017) & approximately 20 have global roles, based out of Lisbon.

Our services in Lisbon are focused in the areas of Finance & Control, Supply Chain & Procurement, as well as Digital & Social Media Marketing.

The number of functional languages required is 11 & includes Portuguese, English, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, French, Dutch, Italian & German, where English is a mandatory language.

Trabalhar na nossa empresa

Working at NBS Lisbon is a journey towards professional achievement, continuous learning and being proud to work in an amazing work environment with incredible people.

Seeing our center grow from 5 people to over 200 in the span of a year is a privilege, and everyone is encouraged to make a difference, putting their fingerprint in the identity of NBS.

Here everything is possible, when you work with Passion, Reliability, Improvement, Discipline, and of course – Excellence.


R. Alexandre Herculano 8, 2799-554 Linda-a-Velha

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