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The following article is authored by AdNovum included in the Directory of Companies magazine 2021/22.

A AdNovum is an international company, but with deeply rooted in Switzerland. We develop pioneering software solutions in multiple locations, from Zurich, to Bern, Budapest, Ho Chi Minh City, Lausanne, Lisbon and Singapore.

What do we offer candidates?

Among other benefits, we offer the following:

  • • Annual Training Budget;
  • • Flexible benefits;
  • • Remote work;
  • • Flexible working hours;
  • • Free coaching service;
  • • Health plan;
  • • International atmosphere;
  • • Office located in the city center;
  • • Company events;
  • • Unlimited coffee, fresh fruit and cookies;
  • • Discover more AdNovum benefits

What do our employees say?

Francisco Couto – Software Engineer

One of the most valuable things you start to nurture from day one at AdNovum is getting to know and work with a group of incredibly talented and unique individuals. As a mentor, I am fortunate to be able to help people take the first step in the company and realize that they immediately feel that this is their place.

What we do

Pedro Tome – Country Manager

We offer custom software solutions to meet the specific needs of our partners' requirements, making it possible to truly stand out. Through a modular and flexible approach, the solutions integrate seamlessly with existing systems, no matter how sophisticated the configuration.

What do we look for in candidates?

We are looking for creative, problem-solving engineers, people who identify more as “owners” of the work they have to produce, and correspondingly take pride in a job well done.

The ability to learn from past experiences, to apply existing knowledge to a new field, and the curiosity and motivation to take on challenges, even in a field with which you are unfamiliar, are also strong assets.

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How is the recruitment?

  • • CV screening;
  • • Telephone interview;
  • • 1st Interview with 2 Senior Software Engineers;
  • • 2nd Interview with the Country Manager and 1 Senior Software Engineer;

Interested in finding out more?

Find out below how you can apply and send your resume to AdNovum today!

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