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The following article is authored by BNP Paribas included in the Directory of Companies magazine 2020/21.

In principle, a bank is just a bank.

But sometimes reality exceeds all expectations. The career opportunity can be where you least expect it. And if a bank is also a consultant, a fintech or a data science hub?

It all depends on the perspective – and the bank in question, of course.

O BNP Paribas It's one of those rare cases.

Present in Portugal since 1985, the group of French origin is today the largest recruiter of qualified profiles in the country, and already has more than 6.000 people on its staff, divided between Lisbon and Porto.

But the company is not distinguished by the volume of employees; despite being, as the Director of Recruitment, Carla Costa, says, a “good first indication of the diversity of opportunities” that any student can find in the search for their first job.

We stand out for our ability to accommodate profiles that are not usually associated with our sector.

Carla Costa – Recruitment Director

In practice, this means that BNP Paribas recruits and wants to continue recruiting far beyond traditional banking profiles., in Portugal – and the dozens of vacancies, which can be consulted on the website company or on LinkedIn, are proof of this.

We need financiers, auditors and accountants as much as we need mathematicians, engineers or computer scientists. The same applies to professionals from other areas, such as Communication, Law or Human Resources.

BNP Paribas in Portugal

35 years ago, no one would have thought that Portugal could be decisive for the growth of BNP Paribas worldwide. But nowadays it is difficult to refute this idea.

It is here, by the way, that the secret of the bank's recruitment needs in the country lies.

The diversity of functions is just the tip of the iceberg.

The talent and technical quality of the Portuguese teams have attracted more and more projects to Portugal, in a logic of global cooperation.

The greater the evidence given, the greater the trust placed in these teams, who contribute every day to the company's growth. – some in areas of enormous expertise, such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

And don't think for a minute that a place at the forefront of transforming an industry is reserved only for the most experienced.

The commitment to training is guaranteed, from the most junior positions to management positions. The arguments are more than many. Just don't try who doesn't want to.

As the bank tells us: [It's] Your Choice!

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