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Controlar recruit engineers willing to learn

Interview with Pedro Vieira, Business Development Manager at Controlar.

Video recorded during FEUP Engineering Days 2023, organized by AEFEUP (Students Association of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto).

“A Controlar It is a Portuguese company. We are very focused on the development of Test Systems and Industrial Automation Systems, very focused on the automotive industry and the electronics industry, more generally.

What we do are tailor-made systems nosWe work with our customers and do all the development, assembly and production in-house, from the mechanical concept to electronic development, component integration, assembly, programming, software, and then validation and installation at the customer until everything is up and running.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for Engineers from various areas, usually very focused on Electronic Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, IT Engineers. We are also always open to receive new graduates and masters, we have some people who don't have professional experience who come to work for Controlar.

What we expect from people are people who are willing to learn, we always need to deal with new technologies, as we are in the automotive industry we are always working with new systems, new technologies and we like people who like to learn and like technology and like to do different things every day. And therefore, if you want, come to us.

What do we offer?

A person who goes to work with us has a very informal environment with a very marked career progression. What we offer is a very rich learning environment, with the possibility of doing training that everyone asks to do training and can do those that they want. We also have, in addition to benefits salary, extra, flexible benefits, offering extra days on birthdays and extra days on vacation.”

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