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Diconium creates Digital Champions

Entrit is seen ao Pedro Alves, Director Software Development at Diconium, during the FEUP Engineering Days 2022 da AEFEUP:

“A diconium is a service provider, focused on the entire digital transformation process. We are a company that works in the area of ​​strategy, both with Customer Experience, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and, at the moment, our mission and vision is to create Digital Champions.

We are currently located in Lisboa, with 3 offices and, at the moment, opening offices in the Porto. We are a German company, which is part of the Grupo Volkswagen, so we have locations all over the world – Germany, States States, England, etc.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for profiles in the field of software engineering, both in the field of software development and Front-End e Back End, therefore, in technologies of React e Angular. In Back End, focused on technologies Java e Spring. We also search in the area of Quality, Automation de Tests e UX / UI.

At the moment, we have open applications that can be viewed in our LinkedIn or even our website, where they can explore the various areas that are available. We also have an open junior academy, which will continue in the coming years, so that people leaving universities can understand who Diconium is, participate in our workshops and bootcamps and, from there, they can join our company.

What do we offer?

Diconium offers a very peaceful environment, we have a hybrid working model, where people can work from home and offices are our social platforms.

We give flexible hours, an attractive compensation package with flex benefits quite attractive and career progression very interesting, from more junior profiles to more senior profiles, so that people feel motivated and with a development plan suited to each employee.

Interested in finding out more?

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