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The EDP Trainee Program was the opening of a door to a new world

EDP ​​- The EDP Trainee Program was the opening of a door to a new world | talent Portugal

The following article is authored by EDP included in the Directory of Companies magazine 2021/22.

Na EDP We have the vision to be a global energy company, a leader in the energy transition to create superior value.

What do we offer candidates?

  • • Experience in an international company;
  • • Opportunities for personal, professional and networking development;
  • • Conditions, benefits and a flexible work culture;
  • • Disruptive projects beyond your role: innovation, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, volunteering, corporate social responsibility, etc.

What do our employees say?

Tatianna Lyra, EDP Trainee Program 2020

Participating in the EDP Trainee Program was the opening of a door to a new world, a world where you act today to change tomorrow with people willing to teach and learn. During the program, I had the opportunity to work in different areas and in addition to all this professional learning, it is the people I met during the program that I will take with me.

What we do

Present in 22 countries and with a value chain that starts with energy production and ends with its commercialization, EDP has around 10 million customers and 12 thousand employees, what contribute daily to an energy made of commitment, innovation, sustainability and responsibility towards society.

With more than 12.000 employees, we supply energy and gas to more than 9 million customers, and 81% of the energy produced by us is renewable.

We are doing our part to create a more balanced and sustainable world, an inclusive, diverse and humane world.

We are, already today, changing tomorrow.

What do we look for in candidates?

  • • Collaborative spirit combined with continuous learning;
  • • Focus on results;
  • • Proactivity, enthusiasm and energy;
  • • Disruptive minds combined with innovation
  • • Willingness to impact our business and our people, changing tomorrow already today.

How is the recruitment?

Our recruitment process is a fast, efficient and inclusive experience, which seeks to provide an unforgettable experience to our candidates.

Although adaptable to the role you are applying for, as a general rule, the process comprises:

  • • An application;
  • • Online exams;
  • • Final interview, which can be carried out entirely online or in a mixed mode.

In the EDP Trainee Program, the recruitment process is similar and completely online, in which an assessment center is added.

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