How they work and how to find the best curricular internships

Some Higher Education courses include in their study plan the realization of one or more curricular internships, an experience that allows, in most cases, the first contact with the labor market in the area of ​​training. An excellent opportunity that promotes the development of skills and allows the application of knowledge.

How do they work?

There are different ways of functioning that vary depending on the institution and the course in which the student is integrated.

With regard to duration, a minimum number of hours or months is established by the course plan, which must be fulfilled to complete the study cycle.

Most curricular internships are unpaid. Even so, there are welcoming entities that choose to do so or to cover transportation and / or food expenses.

How to look for a curricular internship?

The search for a curricular internship can be a challenge but there are some tools that can facilitate the process.

Here are some tips:

  • Ask for support at your institution: Most institutions have protocols with potential entities hosting curricular internships, so it will always be a good source of contacts.
  • Search on job sites: Although the sharing of vacancies on job sites is mostly focused on vacancies with different profiles, opportunities for curricular internships are sometimes shared.
  • Uses LinkedIn: A platform that allows quick and direct contact with those responsible for the Human Resources of companies.
  • Talent Portugal Platform: Talent Portugal offers a platform where you can find more than 100 companies that accept curricular internships. You also have the possibility to filter the entities by geographic area and activity. On the page of each company you will have access to the contact and careers area, where you can complete your application.

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