How to boost your Employer Brand during the next school year?

Many people responsible for human resources, in view of the unpredictability of the evolution of the pandemic, and possible cost and hiring reductions, have difficulty planning to approach higher education candidates during the next school year. Physical job fairs have been canceled and interaction models have changed. Higher education continues to generate the same thousands of applicants every year. And they are also very apprehensive because they find it more difficult to find companies, where they can intern or come to work.

It is fundamental for companies, in the short and medium term, keep your employer brand alive and that your company does not disappear from the candidates' desire. Fortunately, the talent market is adapting quickly, with a transition to online actions.

Face-to-face job fairs are turning into virtual fairs. A good example is the Virtual Job Fair of the University of Porto, which in one week had more than 80 company registrations. Another example of virtual action by companies is the Open Day of the Sonae Trainee Program. These virtual events are based on a software solution for job fairs and virtual open days, which is becoming increasingly popular. You can follow the next job fairs at Events calendar from Talent Portugal.

But how to maintain visibility next year, with a low investment?

- An excellent way will be participation in the Talent Portugal Companies Directory which includes the distribution of 20.000 copies of the magazine to more than 50 applicant organizations. As a novelty, this year Talent Portugal started digital distribution. It is a model of partnership with student associations and employability offices. These include a text / banner on your website / social media to link to a page on the Talent Portugal website, as you can see in this example from ISEG.

- Another novelty for this year is that the Job Fair will be virtual. This annual meeting, where the best national employers personally contact representatives of candidate organizations to plan their annual activities, will be held in one day, on September 29. In view of the ease of communication and logistics, we foresee an even greater adhesion of candidate organizations.

To learn more about these initiatives you can consult:

At Talent Portugal, as a talent community, we want to help maintain your employer brand strong with the best candidates, and help them find the company they’ve always wanted.

For any questions on how to address these issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Luis Sottomayor

community director


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