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interview to Carolina vegetable gardenga Alves, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding in NOS, during the Porto of job da FEP Junior Consulting:

“A ONGOING is the largest communications and entertainment group in Portugal, we have offices in Lisbon and in Port.

We are focused on our client's satisfaction and that's why we are proud to say that we have everything needed for families, but also for companies. Very focused on what is the experience that we can give to our client, with a mission: To connect everything and everyone in the most extraordinary ways we can imagine.

What are we looking for?

we have one very large number of profiles, our teams are very diverse, but typically we can go from management à engineering.

Our largest internship and student programs is the US ALPHA, our graduate program for master's finalists. And effectively, we are looking for finalists who want to enter the job market, with us, and who can, through this program, take the launch pad of their career at NOS.

What do we offer?

In addition to what is the base remuneration, we also have the variable part with The Benefits - Or premium, but we also have the NOS services at home, like any employee, we are also customers and that is why NOS services at home.

We have the birthday, we have two more days that we call the NOS days, which we offer to our employees in addition to normal vacation days.

With the NOS ALFA program, we offer this possibility of development and construction, such as rotation between two areas, with the aim of being able to boost their development and grow together with NOS.

We have summer internships, for university students of any year, we have curricular internships very typically for master's theses, students who are doing their theses and can do so in a business environment.

We have the US ALPHA, as I mentioned, for master's finalists and then we have our positions for more senior profiles, for someone who is trying to convert their career and through the site they will be able to see all the opportunities we have.”

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