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7th Job Fairs Fair

September 2023

On the event

The Job Fair is an annual meeting for the best national employers to personally contact the representatives of the candidate organizations and to be able to plan their activities and their presence at job fairs.


In 2022, the events had +300 registered from 72 companies and 43 higher education entities.


A definir


September 2023

Opening Hours

14:30 - 16:30


Oporto, Tecmaia


Lisbon, Lispolis


11 October 2022


19 October 2022

Opening Hours

14:30 - 17:00


14:30 - 17:00


R. Eng. Frederick Ulrich 2650, 4470-605 Maia

str. Paço do Lumiar 44, 1600-546 Lisbon


Dates & Locations

Porto, Tecmaia – 11 October 2022

Lisbon, Lispolis – 19 October 2022

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Opening Hours

14:30 - 17:00

Who can participate?

 Responsible for recruiting the best national employers.

  Persons in charge of candidate organizations: employability offices, associations and groups of students in Higher Education, foreigners' associations and professional orders. *

Note: This event is not open to candidates. 

No limit on participants per entity.

How it works?

As companies visitors have the opportunity to personally contact +40 candidate organizations.

As candidate organizations Participants have their own stand, where they can present to companies the employment events and other activities they carry out throughout the year, as well as exchange contacts.

Note: “Fair on the contrary”. Only candidate organizations have a stand.

Participants in previous editions

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Customer Testimonials

2022 Porto Job Fairs Fair. 11 Oct. – Lisbon. 19 Oct.


Free participation in Business Directory 2021/22 with Featured Pack or discount on other packs.  

* If you are a Candidate Organization contact us: | 927 604 209


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