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Group Nors, seeks young people for growth and training

interview to Mónica Fortes, Group Organizational Development Coordinator Nors, during the Port of Employment da FEP Junior Consulting:

"The Group Nors is a Portuguese group, which already has almost 90nos of existence. Our main activity sector is related to the automotive and transport sector. We are present in 17 countries.

What are we looking for?

We are essentially looking for young people, who are looking for a first professional opportunity in the financial areas (Accounting, Fleet e Economy) and Engineering (Mechatronics Mechanical Engineering e Mechatronics e Fleet Industrial).

What do we offer?

In addition to having job opportunities for recent graduates and more junior profiles, we also offer curricular interships, to those who are finishing their bachelor's or master's degree. On the other hand, we also have opportunities for professional interships.

We have a series of benefits in the group, namely, health insurance and life insurance and we also privilege everything that is internal growth and training, within the various companies of the group and even internationally.”

Interested in finding out more?

Find out below how you can apply and send your CV to the Group today Nors!

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