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NOS – Where I could have the experience linked to my great passions

NOS - Where I could have the experience linked to my great passions | Talent Portugal
Na NOS we boost your early career and we have several learning opportunities for you. apply for NOS alpha, the nosthe trainee program, and it grows withnosco!

The following article is authored by NOS included in Directory of Companies magazine 2021/22.

Work at NOS is to be part of a young and innovative organization, with a culture based on rigor and excellence.

It means being at the forefront of technology to develop disruptive and sustainable solutions that make a difference in the lives of Portuguese people.

It is to give life more life, expanding all possible and imaginary connections. 

What do we offer candidates?

O NOS ALFA is a talent capture program, which offers the opportunity to work in two areas of NOS.

With challenging projects, training and mentoring, you will develop your skills and gain an in-depth view of the company.

What say the nosare you collaborators?

Gonçalo Henriques – Contents

I integrated the Marketing area and the TV and Digital Contents/Channels area, where I was able to have the experience linked to my great passions: cinema and series. This double integration was an exercise in self-discovery, it allowed me to interact with people with different personalities and work methods and to acquire transversal knowledge and skills.

What we do

Carolina Hortega Alves – Talent Acquisition

A NOS is the largest communications and entertainment group in Portugal. We offer state-of-the-art fixed and mobile solutions, television, internet, voice and data for all market segments and we are leaders in film distribution and exhibition. we are a responsible and future-oriented company, committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. We create wealth and grow every day with the certainty that together, we will do for the first time, everything that no one else has done.

What we look for nos candidates?

O SCHEDULE NOS ALFA aimed at masters finalists or recent graduates both in management and technology areas, with a maximum professional experience of one year and whose profile fits the company's culture of excellence and innovation.

We are looking for candidates with attitude, desire to build the future, ambition and sense of team.

How is the recruitment?

The candidacies to NOS Alfa are held annually, on the website of the NOS.

The selection process includes an online assessment and video interviews with business areas and human resources.nos. If you haven't finished the course yet, you can apply for nossos curricular or summer internships, which may open future doors to you NOS Alpha.

Interested in finding out more?

Find out below how you can apply and send your resume to NOS!

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