Business Services

Business Directory 2022/23

Promote your company on magazine and website for +50 Higher Education entities, associations, student groups, IEFP.

Job Fairs Fair Oct. 2022

Come meet +40 candidate organizations and the most important job fairs in Portugal.

Job Fairs for Foreigners 2022

At these fairs you can contact candidates from +50 nationalities, who want to work in Portugal.

Sw platforms for Open Days

Remotely present your company to hundreds of candidates in one virtual event only.

Certified Course in
Employer Branding

Employer Branding Academy for the first time in Portugal - Online and In-Person Version.

Employer Branding Conference 2023

participate in annual conference of best practices in Employer Branding.

Attract the best talent!

Our mission for companies is to help them find the best talent.
It is in our genes 😄 And also in the genesis of the Talent Portugal community. That's how it all started!

It's no longer enough to place a job ad and wait… It's not enough to have many CVs, if the good candidates aren't there. it is necessary andbe present in the candidates' communication channelsin the job fairs, be found in the google searches, and have a strong image to attract the best. In short, promote Employer Branding:

That's why we annually promote the Business Directory in format magazine and in digital search engine, in the only job site oriented to search by companies

We also hold an annual meeting at the beginning of the school year, between companies and employability offices of universities, polytechnics, associations, student groups, in Job FairThus, people and employability activities of +40 entities from north to south of the country are personally and directly known.

As foreigners are so important to global service operations and as an additional source of skills in underserved areas such as Information Technology and Engineering, we promote the biggest job fairs for foreigners in Portugal, in conjunction with the Erasmus Student Network. sDid you know that +15.000 foreign students from +90 nationalities study annually who never get to know that there are job opportunities for them in Portugal?

As virtual events are increasingly relevant, we have software solutions for virtual open days, which open up a world of possibilities for attracting candidates, especially for companies with many locations and national or international candidates. These events generate a large pool of candidates. updated, mobilize company employees and promote their brand, giving them high visibility as an employer.

Given the importance of attracting talent for HR and Marketing professionals and the lack of quality training, we are the first entity in Portugal to offer Certified and Complete Employer Branding Courses.

And finally the Employer Branding Conference, an event that showcases the latest trends and best practices in Employer Branding, in talks and presentations by experts and practical cases from companies. in moments of rest and through a contact exchange system, networking is promoted between participants representing more than 100 companies and candidate organizations. Due to pandemic reasons, and because it is an event that we only want to do in person, the 4th edition will be held in January 2023.