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Set 27
Working in Agriculture and Fisheries in Portugal

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Set 24
There are hundreds of vacancies to work in Customer Support

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How they work and how to find the best curricular internships

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Set 10
Going by public transport to work?

Use the personal car or public transport? What are the advantages?

Aug 26
Architecture and design: companies that recruit in the area

Do you already have your portfolio ready to send to the best companies in the market?

Aug 16
The possibilities for law graduates

Degree in law or a similar science? Today we show the possibilities that…

Aug 13
Graduated in finance and accounting, which companies are interested?

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Aug 09
Chemical engineering: tasks and companies to work for

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Jul 26
Childhood education ticket

These are valley bonds, awarded by companies and can be synonymous with savings in…

Jul 22
Which companies organize team building events?

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Jul 13
International mobility at work

In the Talent Portugal community, approximately 100 apply these programs.

Jul 09
These are the companies looking for candidates in mechanical engineering

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