4 tips to learn more about Employer Branding

The theme of Employer Branding is increasingly unavoidable, but how to gain skills in this area?

Much is said about the importance of Employer Branding in companies, but the existence of professionals in this area is becoming more and more important. 

There was a natural evolution of the recruitment professionals, towards the most modern area of talent acquisition manager, which meanwhile evolved to employer branding manager, or head of employer branding, and others.

In Portugal, there are more and more professionals in this area. Try searching on Linkedin as follows:

  1. 1. Keyword: “Employer Branding”
  2. 2. Connections: 3 levels
  3. 3. Location: “Portugal”

In my research I got about 1.500 Employer Branding professionals in Portugal. 

It means that these professionals have Employer Branding in some way in their function, competence or activity. 

The question that arises is how prepared are you to perform this function?

  • First, you have to take into account your background: traditionally human resources or marketing, which in itself, is already a topic frequently debated…
  • Second how was this competence developed, or is it being developed? Who has a human resources background, learns from marketing, and vice versa. Mostly you learn on a day-to-day basis, with colleagues, suppliers. Often they also have the same difficulties as customers.

A head of Employer Branding for a large Portuguese company, (in this case with a marketing background), told me once, with great humility, that when she started her job she knew nothing about recruitment. It was with her that I received the following suggestions.

4 tips on how to learn more about Employer Branding

  1. 1. Buy books on the subject. Suggestion: Employer Branding For Dummies.
    1. 2. Learn more deeply about the human stories of your organization, good employer / employee relationship. Often not known within the company itself.
    2. 3. Consult consulting companies in the area. It may not be easy, there are few, even internationally.
    3. 4. Take training courses.

Good training is essential for the effective development of skills in this area.

How a good training in Employer Branding should be

  • Structured - with a complete end-to-end plan.
  • Practice - not only theoretical, but with many practical cases.
  • Consequent - that can be applied immediately in the day-to-day of companies.
  • Certified - that allows an effective confirmation of the quality of training and learning received.

It was in this last aspect that in the Talent Portugal community we detected a big gap in the training offer. We miss an integrated training approach.

Thus, we establish with great satisfaction, contact with the Global University, a Swedish company, a global leader in Employer Branding consulting and training, bringing its courses to Portugal.

Certified Course in Employer Branding

To get to know the training more quickly, you can do the 7-Day Free Trial here or learn more about general course information below.


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